Sunday, November 22, 2009


It's been a vanilla kind of weekend around here.  

Bringing the good woolens - the tried and true sweaters out of hibernation.  I loved making this sweater 15 years ago and I STILL look forward to wearing it.

'Bella's Mittens; by Marielle Henault - brilliant - get over there -  These lovelies were inspired by mittens worn in the movie "Twilight" by Kristen Stewart.  I cannot even pretend that I am interested or following that phenomena, but I was swept away by the beauty and function of this pattern.  I'm using Cascade's Ecological Wool, size 8 dpns.   Absolutely LOVE these mittens!

Getting ready for the Turkey day.  I'm going to brine the bird this year.  If anyone out there has suggestions -I am all ears!  In the spirit of the holidays I took one small piece out today - my wonderful quilt and pie shop that my lovely friend Susie gave to me.  It is one of the first boxes that I reach for every single year.

The Bean is struggling with a particularly nasty flu and staff infection.  She spent the entire day in the hospital ER yesterday and is feeling pretty low.  If you have extras - please send good wishes her way.  


Bea said...

Many good wishes headed toward your Bean. I hope she makes a super fast recovery.

Your sweater is really lovely. I would never have guessed it was 15 years old.

I just watched that movie Twilight. I've read the books. I guess I don't totally get it but for random entertainment it isn't bad. I can't say that today watching the movie I saw her wearing mittens at all. Perhaps my attention wasn't totally on the screen. I can't wait to see how yours come out.

nicole said...

mmmmmm, yum, kniiiiiting

MeinSie said...

maybe your daughter needs a sweater - hospitals are cold!
just got my mom out of intensive care - she is lucky to be going home this time.
Love seeing that sweater - thank you, girl!