Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last year this little wonder arrived in time for Christmas:

Maybe a clearer image -

It is an exquisitely embroidered felt piece that my friend Pauline made for me.  The details are astonishing - one bajillion times more impressive than my photography of it!  And then - another parcel last month ...

Again, my images are quite pathetic compared to the splendor of Pauline's hand work.  She takes silk thread to another dimension.  That's just the beginning of what she can do - over the years I have collected her treasures - objects that mean the world to me.  

This was made from vintage kimono silk and stuffed with pine needles - even after all of these years you can press your nose into it and inhale a piney forest.

This was the first doll that I received as an adult - Pauline intuitively knew that I needed this small gem.  She has graced every guest room bed for the last 15 years or so.  Her silk dupioni (sp) dress is as brilliant today as it was when she arrived.

Anyway - getting back to the felted embroidered pieces, Pauline.  I have the 'partridge', I have the 'pear tree'.  Next Christmas I'll be hoping for the turtle doves!!


Bea said...

Love these. I'm especially fond of the doll.

Paulina said...

A turtle dove. Hummm. I loed making these dolls. I really should get back into making them. I have gathered some very interesting pieces of fabric for dresses. I have everything here I need to make them. How fascinating life is.

Anonymous said...

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