Monday, October 29, 2012


What to do in preparation for a monster storm?  Empty the freezer!
Chicken and dumplings may soothe those without power ...
Crab cakes readied for frying (I am lucky to have propane which means that I can cook, even if I have to do it by candlelight!)
Egg salad - hard boiled and/or devilled eggs ....
Apple sauce, apple crisp - and when I weary of the kitchen -
It's back to the sewing room where baskets are coming together nicely.  
After we finished cleaning up the yard and putting all of the outdoor furniture away, I was happy to come indoors to sew for a few hours.  The wind is picking up and I'll be shutting this computer down soon.
For everyone touched by this storm - be cautious!  Take care and stay away from trees and power lines.  For my special guys Andrew and Carson - you'll be in my thoughts - be safe, Godspeed.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


It was hard to part with the three skeins of handspun that Patty had given to me.
It went home with Mom and will be donated to her knitting group's favorite benefit.  She loves it and I am wondering if it will actually make it to the sales table!
Things are really quiet around here.
Harley's play date went home and he has been sulky.  Cats are no fun to devil - they have that unfair advantage of perching - usually high up and out of reach.  I sometimes wonder what these creatures do all day long while I am at work and the house is silent.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

i had a birthday

Lucky to be an October Child - I am always grateful for the autumn that graces my special day.  Mine falls on peak weekend in upstate New York, which is akin to icing on the cake of any birthday - fiery potent spectacular October!  One has to remind oneself to exhale!
The blueberry bushes are aflame!  And they have serious competition from the sugar maples -
Last week's rains brought down much of the color, but here are a few images for you, Hilary - I know that you do miss this time of the year in New York when the Florida beaches give up oceanic hues, but no oranges, golds, crimsons ...
The colors seem more subtle this season.  Oh, wait - I misspoke!
Back at the house I celebrated the end-of-a-decade kind of birthday.  It was lovely.  Mom came for the weekend, gifts in her arms (thank you sister for the wondrous scarf and much anticipated book!).  We indulged in a morning at the Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa and I don't even have words for the ways in which those good people pamper their guests!  If you can, book a getaway to the Spa, pronto!
Later, my son came by with this glorious bouquet for his mom.
Roses, hydrangea, agapanthus, sweet william, anemones .... (swoon)

Did I mention ORCHIDS!!!!  It is divine - so much so that I divided it into two bouquets.  Thank you Andrew, I absolutely love this arrangement!  I love you too.
I just wish that you wouldn't object so strongly to having your photo taken!
A perfect weekend, well, almost.
We missed you Bean.  We always do

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The beginning of a new baby quilt -  so joyful!
And another - because I have many babies to quilt and knit for this year.
There will be kites, of course.  And pinwheels and polka dots.
Yes, I finally cut into my flea market fancies.  I am looking for a source for this original collection - if anyone has some to sell, or knows where I can find it - PLEASE let me know!!!!
I am learning a hard lesson after all of these years ... if you LOVE it, buy as much as you can afford.  Just do it.  You will not regret this decision - what you WILL regret is a shortage down the road!

Today I was thinking about Christmas.  That's right, Christmas in October.  I was feeling kind of sad because my girl is not here in NYS and probably won't make it in for the holiday.  I did what any quilter worth her salt would do - I pulled out a holiday UFO that needs to be sent south for my daughter by early December.
This tree skirt was started last year, but added to the UFO pile.  It's going to be fun to complete - I started quilting it today with MAGENTA thread!!!!  I'm thinking palm trees and ocean views!  Maybe I should deliver this myself .. it's something to think about!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


There is good news and bad news.  The good news - my daughter is decorating her little heart out - collecting and gathering and fancy-ing up her new nest.  The bad news - I'm not there to help!  She's chosen a location that is 1500 miles away.  (sniff)  I can't call and invite myself over - stop by with fresh fruit and vegetables - plan little outings to wherever.  I miss her.

But I am happy for her, despite my whining.  One earnestly and deeply desires happiness for ones children, above all else.  I comfort myself with Making.   

My daughter likes a pitch black room in which to sleep.  This little prototype will tell me how long the elastic needs to be for her head, and then I will busy myself with fancier versions!  This image is upside down, drat!

She is indulging herself with what she calls a 'Girlie' bathroom ... black and white and pink.  
I'm always looking for an excuse to make a quilted bath mat!
In between - some good reading;
Last, but certainly NEVER least, my beauty boy is waiting for me.  He isn't much interested in my making of things unless it includes filling his bowl with something yummy.  His patience is always rewarded!