Thursday, November 26, 2009


I wish you all a blessed bountiful Thanksgiving.  We rose with the dawn to rinse the brine off of Thomasina Turkey and pack Harley into the truck - off to try our luck again.  This time we had to wait for the Gatekeeper, but I think that it was worth it.

There were a few other brave souls waiting to gain access.  Harley was joined to Can-Do-Guy, keeping close at heel.  I think that the strangeness of the bridge, coupled with company on our morning walk confused him a bit!  He liked who was at the other end of his leash

As we neared the Poughkeepsie side, we could see Can-Do-Guy's old neighborhood, including the elementary school that he and his brothers attended.

There was such a dreamy quality up there, engulfed as we were in soft grayness, ethereal, other worldly. 

As we started back, the fog began to lift a bit.  Did I mention my fear of height?  I was happy with the fog, happy not to have to see the distance from the rail to the water!  I might have not had the courage I needed to make the crossing if it were clear!

This fine fellow was very determined, but he agreed to pause to have his photo taken.  He reminded of of an urchin - the kind you might see in the street 50 years ago (theme of the Godfather in the background!)  

On the way home we talked about the last time that we went to a lofty lookout. It was in September of 2001.  Family had come in from Colorado and we took the train to the city.  We went, by boat, out to see the Statue of Liberty.

We went, by foot, through the financial district, strolling without purpose or plan.  It was one of those perfect autumn days - an extended Labor Day weekend and the city was so deserted.  

We went, by elevator, to the top of the world - the twin towers, where on top we wandered and enjoyed the balmy day and each other's company.  We stayed on that perch for nearly an hour - marveling at the sights below and beyond.  

Three days later it was all gone.  Destroyed.

Hug your loved ones especially tightly today.  Remember those that cannot join you.  Keep gratitude in your heart - give thanks for the gift of this day, every single moment.  Happy Thanksgiving.


Rachael Herron said...

Wow. What a great post. Good to remember.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...

Pam White said...

Very nice blog, Jody. Thanks for inviting me. The pictures of the fog and the bridge are gorgeous. I really miss home :(

nicole said...

having lived in the shadow of those towers for a fifteen year eternity, i developed a peculiar love hate relationship with them as i did with 'the big city that money built' itself. until they catastrophically fell down. now just the love part is left. thank you for honoring them this thanksgiving.

it's much easier for me to find gratitude anywhere nowadays.

very best to you and yours/n


Bea said...

I love an early morning walk across a foggy bridge.