Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Debby Bliss, can I just say that your yarns and patterns and books are seductively irresistible?  But I am almost ALWAYS disappointed with the outcome.  Help me out here knitters - what, or HOW would you fashion as a closure on this baby sweater? Buttons and buttonholes were not part of the design.  Obviously one cannot use anything that might stick into tender skin or end up lodged in a tiny throat.  I was thinking about those huge industrial-strength snaps that I've seen in the fabric stores.    I think that Ms. Bliss and I are about to part company forever.  

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Bea said...

Could you attach i-cord (or crochet cord) at the "waist" on each side to make a little tie waist? I think the most the baby would play with it, but if it is tied securly they might not even be able to get it undone. I say attach because I think it would be more useful/easy to use if it was attached.