Sunday, November 29, 2009


It's The Bean's boyfriend's birthday - CM! Phew - this protecting of the family's anonymity is tiresome!  Anyway - HAPPY BIRTHDAY C!  We all hope that you have a wonderful day - that you don't have to work, and that you get to spend at least some of it eating lactose-free cake and enjoying the beach!  We'll be finishing up that carrot cake that you used to love - but don't worry - it wasn't that great this year (NOT!)

This image was taken last Thanksgiving - before you had to get off, and stay off, the dairy altogether.  You are amazing.  And not just because you have great muscles willpower.  You are a genuinely good person and your existence gives me hope.  You are funny and kind and extraordinarily patient and considerate.  You are smart and resourceful and have amazing work ethic.  And you love, and are good to my daughter.  So that makes you a PRINCE in my book.  We love you and we miss you.  HAPPY 25th!

Did I mention those muscles?


Bea said...

Happy Birthday to your daughters boyfriend!

Regarding anonymity you can always make up some names for your family members. C could stand for Chris or Curtis or Casey and none of us would know the difference so you could call him whatever you wanted.

Bea said...

Also need to post again to say that my word verification was "catisout" on that last comment.