Saturday, November 21, 2009


All week I planned and schemed and plotted - I had grandiose ideas about ALL of the UFO's I would complete this weekend.  With time to spare.  (clears throat) Well.  My trusty old electrolux decided that it was time to hang up its hoses.  As in - Saturday morning DOA.  Now, in a household such as ours, where terrier hair competes with retriever hair competes with skanky cat hair - one cannot be without a vacuum cleaner.  So .. I did what any red blooded knitter/quilter hater-of-housework would do - I sent the Can-Do-Guy off to Lowes and he returned with this:

Check out its pedigree:

Can-Do-Guy assembled this bad boy and ran it back and forth over the dining room carpet and let me be the first to say - Mr. Dyson, I adore you.  You are my Hero.  That's all I have.


Bea said...

We have a dyson too. Love it. I'm afraid I'm running it into the ground though with Gus hair.

MeinSie said...

Jealous I am.