Thursday, September 30, 2010


This comes from the fall Knitty, 2010.  It's called Scarlow, and I love it.  I've never attempted a pattern which calls for a zipper, so maybe it's time to stretch out of the comfort zone, yes?  I'm not a purple kind of girl, but how pretty is this?
This little baby sweater, Samantha from Kate Gilbert is too cute to pass up.  I love it in the dove grey colorway -
I so wish that I had a little girl to knit for!  Oh Patty - does your precious Abby need another sweater?  I thought so.  (This pattern had me at the picot hem). I wonder if Kate Gilbert would ever consider super-sizing it!  I'm sure that it would be every bit as popular as the legendary February Lady by brilliant Pamela Wynne.  I'll have two, thank you very much.
Another Knitty selection that looks so comfie and wearable -
It's called 'Mothed" ... by Mags Kandis.  The name makes me somewhat uneasy, but there's nothing uneasy about the design - simple and sweet with those rolled hems and little YO's.  Mags points out that the simplicity of this knit will never compete with a beautifully busy scarf, and I agree.  I'd like two or three of these!

Every year at this time my sister brings her special garlic over for me and my mother and we plant the cloves with great anticipation. 
This morning she sent an article that appeared in the NYTimes which I found really interesting.  You might too.  (Look for it in today's Home and Garden section).  Did you know that garlic is at least 6,000 years old?  And that it is mentioned in the Koran and was discovered in Tut's tomb?  I can tell you that the flavor is beyond delicious when dug from your garden plot and used immediately.  You'll never want to go back to the green grocer variety again.  It doesn't seem to store as well as its commercial cousins, but no matter.  You'll have it consumed before it has the opportunity to go south!  I've found that the same is true of my homegrown shallots. 

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Exuberant Color said...

all I can say is preshrink that zipper about 3 times before you put it in the sweater. I have owned a couple purchased sweaters that the zipper shrunk in when it was washed and puckered up the front of the sweater.