Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Has anyone noticed that my photos steadily worsen?  Is it the camera?  Is it the photographer?  Last night's post was a lesson in blur-ography!  I apologize and will try harder to capture a clear image with this old point-and-shoot!  It was a long day.  Our receptionist called in sick, half of the students on campus are sick (which includes our tour guides and senior interns) and most of the counselors on on the road.  I had to help out with visitors which gave me an opportunity to KNIT! 
Blue Moon Fiber Arts - I sing your praises.  You were worth waiting for.  Trying to get this hand painted sock yarn to travel in a straight line was a bitch challenge, one that I failed, but it's all good.  It's such a nice fiber and the colors are soothing and delightful.  I'm happy.  You also sent me my Moonstruck pattern.  This is a sweater that I intend to get very familiar with!  The pattern couldn't fail- what, with a name like that?  (Moonstruck is one of my all time favorite movies - I never miss an opportunity to see it whenever it airs.)
When I arrived home this evening, I found Scott taking the vegetable garden fence down.  I think he is worried about me taking another header over it.  I stopped counting the number of falls and mishaps that have involved that fence!  My latest slider involved bruised ribs which have made it hard to sleep at night without making little gasps and grimaces!  My september garden is vibrant, with or without the fence.  Mr. Parsley -
Oh, and look at these nasturtiums - they are massively exuberant!
The broccoli is finished, but its flowerets live on - so delicate, such a great shade of yellow.
I am a bit concerned about Mr. Frog and his protege who recently showed up in the waterfall.  We are going to have to disconnect and dismantle his home for the winter.  I hope that he has time to find one of the many local ponds and move on down under its muddy floor.  


JelliDonut said...

I can practically lip-synch Moonstruck! Seriously! I am also partial to Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Tina puts so much love into her creations. Makes it hard to pass up.

Love your froggy.

Exuberant Color said...

OOh, Ouch, take care of yourself! September gardens are the last hurrah of summer. they always look great.

Bea said...

I do like your garden. I imagine that it smells wonderful as well as looking wonderful. Also sorry to hear you keep falling over the fence.