Saturday, October 2, 2010


We went to the ASPCA event - 'Paws in the Park' today.  It was a phenomenal turnout and, as you can see, Bubbha was too cool for words.  It was really great to be outdoors in the park with the pretty river backdrop and ALL OF THOSE DOGS!  What could be better than spending time with your family and your favorite four-legged friends while helping to promote the local shelter for animals.
I fell in love a few times over ...
Bubbha and his buddy Baby raised nearly $500 for the ASPCA!  Thank you all for your contributions - it meant so much to us!  
Group pictures are just plain HARD when you are dealing with more than one dog!  But Bubbha, Peanut and Baby want to say thank you again!  (Bubbha collapsed shortly after this picture was taken in the back of the SUV - he was BEAT!  I suspect that we won't hear a peep out of him until dinner time!)  There was only one dog that made me nervous just because of his sheer SIZE.  Well, that logging chain collar also contributed to the fear factor.
This was the largest pit bull that I have ever seen in my life.  He was very well mannered and sedate, but there is something about this breed that alarms me.  Maybe it's all of the bad press - I don't know.  Some people are afraid of Bubbha - thinking that his boxer smile is similar to the pit.  And I know Bubs to be an absolute angel, so why can't I overcome my pitbull anxiety?  

I finished Mom's socks and took them over to her.  She loved them and pulled them right on.  I was very excited to have made it through this pattern w/o a hitch.  It was so easy - so well-written, as are all of Anne Hanson's designs.  Now I get to post it over at Ravelry - woo-hoo!  Happy Saturday, all.
Blue Moon Sock Candy "Delicious".   Anne Hanson's impeccable pattern - The Sock Pattern To End All Sock Patterns!  

I am very proud of myself!


Anonymous said...

Bubbs and baby raised almost $600 not $500!! I will have to send you another pic of that pit - this picture just doesn't do it justice he was MASSIVE!

Bea said...

The socks look great. I'm so happy you guys managed to raise a bunch of money for the event.