Thursday, September 16, 2010


My Bernina is back in the shop - JUST when I need it most - JUST when I have deadlines and projects to complete!  I am so frustrated with the guy who services my machine that I could bite someone.  He didn't fix it properly last time and I was too lazy to do anything about it.  Now I'm in a pickle, because yet another part needs to be ordered.  The guy that services the machine is a snake charmer.  He opens his mouth and I shudder and bite down HARD on my tongue so as not to say anything that we will both regret.  (I must find a new Bernina dealership.  No matter what.)
I'll call Mr. Charismatic-Service-Guy "Huey".  He looks at me and says, "well, after all, it IS an 830."  Yeah - and what exactly does that mean, Huey?  Well, he reminds me, "it's almost 10 years old now".  Yeah, and what is your point, Huey?  My Bernina Record is 37 years old and STILL going strong!  And I certainly didn't spend thousands of dollars for IT!  Maybe Huey should have let me know that a new Bernina only has a sewing life of 10 years or so.  Maybe I would have purchased a different brand.  
The Record had no problem chugging away on my flannel Bento Box blocks.  It isn't quiet, but there is a certain solid rhythm to its metallic machine sounds, comforting and reassuring.  You can open that bad boy up and oil it and everything clicks right back into place - no computer chips, no surprises.  
You can floor it - pedal to the metal, and it never runs off course or jams up or misbehaves.  I do love this old machine -
We had a happy reunion all afternoon.  The Record helped to take my angst away as we made good progress on the Bento blocks together.  'Nothing sews like a Bernina.  Nothing.'  (someone should remind Huey of this!)
The Bentos are kind of addictive, you know.  This flannel throw for my Dad will be finished in no time.  Once again, I have to give credit to Wanda, who really inspires me on a daily basis.  She is a maniac when it comes to piecing!  I wish that we were next door neighbors, I do.  I'd be hanging out at her house all of the time!
 I bet that she even knows how to fix HER sewing machine!      


Exuberant Color said...

It looks like the 6" worked. Sorry I didn't get back to you. I used to have an 830 Record. That is a workhorse of a machine. I know a lot about machines but I can't repair my own, sorry, I'm not that good. I taught the classes on the machines so I can make them sing and dance though. I wish you were my neighbor too!! We could have so much fun!

Paulina said...

I don't go to dealerships. Find a guy who works out of his home or has a little shop. Someone who maybe sells machines but is in the business of repair. In NH,I used to travel to the other side of Concord to this little mom and pop quilt shop. Yes, they also sold sewing machines, but first, they sold quilting fabrics and everything quilting. He used to repair machines in garment factories way back when. The little shop was just a few feet from their front door. They never once tried to talk me into buying a better machine. They just took care of me. That's what to look for.

Bea said...

I like your bentos. I'm sad to say that I think they make everything now to last less time. Things are made to come and go. Its really a shame. Also sadly in my lifetime it seems most everything has been made that way.