Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Two years ago Scott and his family received some very sobering news.  His first cousin was diagnosed with multiple tumors, originating in his lungs.  Albert is a vital 50+ year old man with an unspeakable prognosis.  We all prayed for one more Christmas.  And our prayers were answered.  And then another.  Answered.  This fight continues.  Scott likes to make a special dinner for Albert before he goes in for treatment.  The dinner always consists of caramelized vidella onions, local thickly slabbed bacon, and calves liver.  I know.  I DO know.  But how can you argue with love?   

MY contribution to this gastronomic carnivorousness (phew!) looks like this:
Tomatoes and basil fresh from the garden, topped with mozzarella and pinenuts ... drizzled with balsamic vinegar, good olive oil, salt and ground pepper.  Oh, and nasturtium blossoms, of course!  Yes Albert, they ARE edible!  Not to be outdone by Scott's prowess in the kitchen - I conned sent him off for a big basket of fresh peaches.
Peach pie with a toasted almond and oatmeal topping.  Served warm with a side of vanilla ice cream.  Makes you almost forget that part about the liver, right?  In all fairness, Scott goes to the butcher who cuts the most tender slices which are then soaked in milk overnight.  This IS a labor of love.  He then lightly flours and fries and you don't need a knife - the liver is like butter.  OK!  Enough!  There was one fella who really really REALLY hoped for something to drop from the table -
And I don't mean a stinkin' tomato or a crummy peach!


SusanB-knits said...

wow! I haven't had liver and onions in years. We stopped eating so much and I haven't made it but now I may have to buy some. I never thought of soaking it in milk overnight. I'll have to try that too. I love insalta caprese! But I usually don't add the balsamic vinegar and pine nuts.

Bea said...

Your contribution looks yummy. I love the onions, but could do without the rest.