Monday, September 6, 2010


The only laborious act today was that of a thorough trashing of old quilting magazines.   I did this because the new season of 'Hoarders' begins this evening and I want to be absolutely sure that mine is a cleared house, a clearer conscience!  I worry about my old pack-ratting tendencies.  I watch the show to keep it real.
Mexican Sunflowers - a brilliant blast of orange, a silky smooth stem.  Next season I'll plant them next to the caryopteris - imagine that cerulean blue next to the orange?  Delicious!  Back-to-work sewing has begun in earnest.  I've got my eye on this long vest and a trench coat as well -
You can't really see the detail on the jacket, but it features a wonderful pleated hem.  And I LOVE the long vest in velvet, although it would be equally fun in rayon or cord or even silk.  I'm going to have to call BFF Patty and ask if I can borrow her serger.  She'll need to teach me how to use it - I am techno-challenged when it comes to machines that involve more than one spool of thread!  Patty, can you hear me?  Patty - get off the back of that Harley and call me!!!
Have a restful, wonderful Labor-free Day All!

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