Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My daughter and her dog, the wonderful Bubbha, are participating in an event to raise money for the local ASPCA.  If any of you animal lovers out there in blogland are feeling charitable, please follow the link above and help us help this extraordinary Haven for lost and deserted and mistreated animals.  Any little bit will be gratefully received and coo'ed over!!!  Our ASPCA has been a refuge for many years and their good works are too numerous to list.  Although Bubs did not come to us from the 'pound', many of our other animals have, and because of this institution now have forever homes where they are safe, and loved.
P.S. Bubs is 7 years old, which is getting up there in Boxer longevity.  He wants you all to know that this event will be a strenuous one for him - one that he wants to participate in!  And pictures will, of course, follow.
THANK YOU in advance!!!


Feast on the Cheap said...

We have two wonderful, lovable pound puppies ourselves. Yay to Bubbs and your daughter for supporting such a fabulous cause!

Anonymous said...

Aw that was so sweet......Bubs has been training for his big day and the walk for the other dogs and is need of a serious bath before he takes place as head leader of his team DoubleBB's LOL - him and his partner - baby .....the boxer. Thus: double BB's.. So high profile for bubbs LOL!!

Renee said...

A most excellent cause! :)