Sunday, September 19, 2010


It's time to return so I won't dwell on it or cry out after a different arrangement.  One needs yarn.  One needs to buy Nutra for the dogs.  One needs a pedicure once in a while.  So many needs require a cash flow.  I spent my last day of vacation quietly - partly on the porch and then making some rounds.
This is Anne Hanson's 'Oh, Canada' that I started for my mom and am now focused on finishing for her birthday.  I'm making good progress -
We call this 'vanilla' knitting.  I love working with neutrals, especially creamy whites.  Sometimes I wish that I were of smaller statuette - I would wear only white and cream!  (and look like a beluga whale!)  I was gathering some things to take to work with me and I remembered buying this -
Does anyone else love Charley Harper's illustrations?  This is a desk calendar that I found a few weeks ago.  Inside, one image is more wonderful than the next!
This one scares me and makes me sad - the fate of the sea turtle.  Maybe I'll take a vacation that week and thus avoid seeing this image!  
I went to see my BFF and we worked on her yarn collection.  After she closed the shop she was left with some significant yarn.  In big black bags.  What's a GOOD BFF to do?  So we sorted and stacked and she felt better knowing that she had enough yarn in her house to make it through the Sheep & Wool Festival winter.  She has the most generous heart in the universe, so I left with a huge sack of yarn too.  AND she gave me some of her beautiful Sundance skirts - OMG, does it ever get any better than this?  I'm not posting pictures because it's not nice to make you drool.  Let me just say that they are scrumptious - silk, piped with the most amazing hemlines.  Lucky me.


Exuberant Color said...

I bought a Charlie Harper engagement calender to sit by the phone this year. Every year I buy a different one, last year was Dale Chihuly.

JelliDonut said...

You are lucky indeed. I have a feeling you deserve it. May your luck continue and your work is good to you upon your return.