Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time to minimize my Iphoto files -  there are too many images and folders and organization is no longer an option!  I found some great pics of Staniel Cay that you haven't seen -
These Nurse Sharks come to the dock daily for breakfast!  Scott tells me that they are harmless.
It's troubling to see sharks in that beautiful turquoise water!  (I've never been the same since 'Jaws" hit the theaters all of those years ago!)  The Nurse Sharks are sluggish, but they have POWERFUL jaws.  No thanks!
Scott has promised me a trip to Staniel this year.  After hearing about its beauty for so long, I NEED to see it with my own eyes.  I can place myself on this quiet beach with absolutely no effort at all - a place to reflect, to dream, to reenergize, and always, a little knitting!  What would I take with me?
A no-brainer!


JelliDonut said...

In a couple of months I'll be begging to go to that beach. For now, our weather is pretty good, so I won't complain.

It's funny. As rabid a knitter as I am, I tend not to beach knit. It's more about reading and umbrella drinks, but there's always plenty of airport knitting.

I hope you go to Staniel. Looks awesome!

SusanB-knits said...

Beautiful beach. But I don't knit at the beach. It gets too hot for me and my fingers get sticky.