Friday, December 31, 2010


We are in the kitchen putting together colossial shrimp/scallop casserole and arborio rice.  We have a gorgeous salad which features toasted walnuts and cranberries and three kinds of lettuce, etc.  We are taking this business over to mom to celebrate the new year.   Our hope, if I may be the spokesperson, is for peace and compassion in this new year.  For good health, happiness, abundance of laughter and many hours of time spent doing the things that bring joy with the people that we love and cherish.

It's a new year - a clean slate.  The possibilities are endless ...


MeinSie said...

yes, the possibilities ARE endless.
joy and peace to you.

kate said...

Sounds like just the right kind of New wishes, if you ask me! I wish that you and yours receive it all, in an obscene abundance!