Sunday, December 12, 2010


It was hard to say goodbye to the autumn.  But the frost is on the pumpkins and it's time to hang the holly.  These lovelies went off to the burn pile where they await the next big bonfire.  Hopefully, the local critters will sneak in and have their fill of seeds before this occurs.

The weekend wanted some holiday decorations.  The dogs were mightily interested in the comings and goings and hanging of the lights.  They sat in the doorway for hours, just observing ...
A frazer fir - such a lovely tree.  It will come indoors in a night or two when its boughs have dropped.  We paid $68 for this tree.  It seems excessive.  But we had an outing with Hilary and Carson - driving all over the county searching for perfect trees - and THIS was worth every penny!  Last year my daughter was in Florida.  I missed all of the laughter and the comfort of her precious self.  I am blessed and I know it.  Having one's child so close is a miracle and a gift in this day and age.  I always give thanks.
My potting shed is dressed for the holiday.  We are missing one essential element - SNOW!  I spent some time in the sewing room today -
I have missed my hand quilted projects!  My fingers are tender and without the quilting callouses! Time to strap on a thimble and get busy!


Debby said...

I love the pumpkins...I always think it's kind of sad to see them go to make way for the next season; they never seem like they are quite ready to go. The fabric in your stars is very nice--I do like orange =-) Thanks for stopping by my blog. And I am glead I followed your link back to yours...It looks like there is a lot of interesting stuff and good reading for me here! NYS, yarn, fabric, hand quilting...what else does a person need? Cheers,

Bea said...

I think frazer firs are my favorites. $68 seems excessive to me too, but I haven't paid for a tree in a long time so who knows.