Saturday, December 18, 2010


 A coworker asks me - "Why do you do it?  Each year you drive yourself half mad trying to complete so many knitted gifts!"  I did think about that question for one brief moment.  The answer was already formed and relaxing inside of my head, awaiting its debut.  I. LOVE. IT.  More than any other activity, it brings the spirit of the holiday closer to my heart.  Can you think of anything more satisfying than finishing and presenting a handmade-with-love gift?  Yeah, ok.  Cheese fondue.  Food on a stick, dipped into warm cheese is pretty sensational.  But apart from that ....
How about some yarny sushi?  A Morehouse original pattern - The Sushi Scarf ... mmmm.  This is about 60% complete and absolutely fun to knit.  It could change your mind about purchasing kits.
The original Morehouse farm is located a few miles east of the Rhinebeck fairgrounds where the infamous Sheep & Wool Festival occurs each October.  At one time the Morehouses ran a yarn shop that was really something special.  One can still purchase Morehouse fiber through the website.  
One finished Fetching in my go-to Mission Falls 1824 wool.  Must. Finish. Second. Mitt! 
The impetus for completion ... a treat for myself.  I am not allowed to touch this project until all gifts are washed, blocked and wrapped.  Discipline is hard. 
A neckwarmer to accompany the Fetching mitts.  Needs buttons.
A Keyhole scarf that was frogged ... too pastel even for the over 70 set!  I'll try this pattern again in a nice variegated fiber.  It's a furiously fun FAST knit!  You have time to make a dozen of them!  

One of my daughter's dearest friends is having her first child in February.  Her nursery theme is of a nautical nature,which might be challenging.  I've been instructed to avoid bright colors.  Limitations - how I struggle with them!  I have some ancient Lang superwash merino in a (clears throat) modestly subdued shade -
There will be bibs and blankets and a quilt to accompany this gift.  This might be the year that I try my hand at booties!  The holiday brings with it a few days off from work and my Bernina and I have a date.

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SusanB-knits said...

I too like making gifts and always seem to be knitting last minute at Christmas. Your gifts look great! The keyhole scarf looks interesting (must check that one out) and I love your blog header. Cute Santa cups! Happy knitting!