Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas 2010 is behind us.  There were plans to drive to Connecticut this morning to connect with the rest of my small family, but we have threatening skies and a disturbing weather prediction.  SNOW.  Tons of the white stuff is predicted - and one ever wants to be caught on the Taconic in a storm. 

 I'm in my PJ's, drinking coffee, doing laundry, thinking about my next fiber projects.  HATS.
Hilary's zebra hat was a BIG hit - she never took it off all evening.  No, I did not make it!  And mom loved her felted cloche.  Andrew also had a hat on, but he'd just come off a 24 hr shift, so I suspect some serious hat head issues going on in that corner!
In fact, the only person who went hatless this holiday was me!  So I have to rectify this situation, and quickly!  

The agenda today is to kick back, maybe make some pea soup from the remaining ham bone, start a hat, go out to the barn to see what Scott is working on, start a hat, get busy on the baby shower gifts, clean up the house, fill the bird feeders again, etc.  I like this -
I think that a half dozen of these with coordinating blankets would be a welcomed shower gift.  


Bea said...

Love the hats. Also love your idea for baby shower gifts!

Jensters said...

Wow stunning hat....ive heard about all that white stuff thats on its way.

Paulina said...

Ohhhhh. Anyway. One should never do anything the day after Christmas. My gawd. It is 2:30 in the morning and now it is the 27th. So here I am making entries on my blog and looking you up. I have to be better at this. I miss you. i need to catch up. Who's having a baby?

Zoey said...

I intend to have one of those perfect days tomorrow. I will be staying in the jammies until I have to get a hair cut at 3:15 p.m. I love days like that! I usually accomplish a lot when I don't have to go to work.