Sunday, January 2, 2011


We vowed to take the Christmas tree down on New Year's Day.  But you know what happens when you are busy making plans - inevitably, something else captures your attention.  In this case, a new electronic gadget.  More on that another time.  It's hard to strip the tree, knowing that the treasured ornaments will spend another year wrapped up and tucked away in a darkened closet.  (It isn't to my credit that I become attached to inanimate objects.  I'm sentimental - to a fault.)  I DID manage to groom and walk the dog yesterday and work on a baby shower gift and make a New England clam chowder, from scratch.  But the tree - it's still waiting.

I'm noticing that ALL of my seed catalogs arrived the day before New Year's Eve.  Tempting.  But the tree is still waiting...

I walk around the house, touching my favorite ornament here, rearranging a small stack of holiday gifts there.  
Why is it so especially hard THIS year to dismantle Christmas?   I'm thinking about mortality a lot, and fussing.  I wonder where we will be this time next year, or even if there will BE a next year.  Holding onto Christmas is not going to drive the Grim Reaper from the door.  I'm sick of suffering and worrying about this stuff.  I need a new attitude.  And a weight loss!  And to drink more water.  And to tackle that damnable tree!

It's still waiting ...
Someone else is waiting as well - I ask you, which would YOU choose?  Or even, COULD you choose?!!!

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Zoey said...

I think you should just enjoy the tree until you feel like it's time to remove it all. In the big scheme of life, what's another day or more with the tree still up? Don't sweat the small stuff. I think your frisbee partner is more important.