Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Is this precious?  Or what?  How we love our beasts.  I keep begging Hilary to produce a Bubbha calendar - 12 months of the beautious boy.  He is such a dear heart.  He spreads his good will over us with no exceptions.  Unconditional Love.
He likes to hold paws/hands.
We have Christmas babies to knit for.
And its really time to shuffle back upstairs to the sewing room!  This well-loved pin cushion was made by my friend Pauline, from vintage kimono silks.  I have always treasured this gift and keep it nearby and at the ready.

If this post seems random, it is.  Hilary borrowed my camera and hasn't returned it yet (can you hear me, Hil?) If she doesn't show up with it soon I'm going to start dragging out her baby pictures and posting them!

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SusanB-knits said...

So cute! I think the Beauty and the Beast II picture should be the first one on the calendar. I hope she makes one for you.