Friday, December 24, 2010


For the last few weeks we have been observing the most unusual phenomenon.  It is heard before seen - the great whirring of thousands of wings in concert, rising, dipping, creating a dark wave in the sky.  When the wave shifts, dives and finds ground, every bit of earth in the orchards between the trees is blackened.  And then the chanting begins - a sound so vast that I'm convinced neighbors can hear it all the way down the river to Nyack! I have searched through my National Audubon Pocket Guide trying to identify the species, with no luck.  The only bird that remotely resembles the gathering throng is the European Starling.  Hmmmmm.  I don't think that I could ever grow tired of the majesty of these birds when they suddenly, as if on cue, rise into the sky.
I have birds all around me.  This origami swan keeps good company while I sit at my computer.
Over the weekend I started a project that didn't go as well as anticipated.  It's going to be one of those UFO's that haunts me until I complete it.
I had a vision of a Christmas tree skirt unlike any other -
While the background fabrics will be the traditional greens and reds of Christmas, the motif will be decidedly non-traditional!!  No Santas or reindeer or snowmen on this piece.  
Of course I am making this for Hilary, who longs for her Florida sunshine.  There will be palm trees and bikinis and flip-flops.  I have grandiose ideas for this one!
I wish you all a blessed Christmas.  


Michele Bilyeu said...

What fabulous birds and works in progress! We have more birds than usual surrounding us, as well. Perhaps it was DH's trip to the farm store and all of that black sunflower, suet and birdseed! Now, your 'fiber optics' are what I would love to have around. Beautiful fabric birds!

Bea said...

Happy Christmas!! Love the flamingo. Also love the origami bird. Just awesome.

Paulina said...

I am such a bird person and am fascinated with your origami bird. Did you make that? Do you have a pattern? I want one. Did you finish the Kincaid skirt?

Zoey said...

The tree skirt sounds fabulous! I really want to see the finished piece, so I hope you don't give up on it!