Monday, December 27, 2010


...was the most exciting day of my entire life.  Thirty years ago today, at 2:45 in the afternoon, my first child was born.  If I close my eyes I can go there and relive the event, as if it were yesterday.  I think that this is a universally shared 'mother' thing.  Child birth = Fulfillment.
 December babies are challenging because they have to compete with the Christmas holiday.  Hilly, I hope that your 30th birthday brings you great joy.  And more, I hope that this next year is the best for you in all ways.  I am grateful that you are here, so close by, to be able to share in the large and small moments.  It's a gift and a blessing, just as YOU are.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  xoxox  (let me know how the gluten-free cake was!)

Does your post-holiday table resemble mine?
The hats kept calling to me - like sirens.  They effectively blotted out my good intention to make flannel baby layette items today!  The fact that we had a blizzard overnight really increased my Lazy Factor...when I rose to find more than a foot of snow, well, the pajamas just stayed on.  And I wasn't alone ...
Check out that sofa - it's been covered with blankets since its arrival.  Is there any other way to 'save' nice furniture from the dogs?  If you love and live with pets, you have to abandon your house pride.  Anyway.  Back to the hats -
Mission Falls 1824 OLD color way - wonderful sample knit.   The Cascade was also pulled into action.  I am trying to recreate the most wonderful hat.  I saw it in the movie, 'Home For the Holidays' and it was sitting on Holly Hunter's head as she travelled home for Christmas.  Does anyone else remember this beauty?  It was predominantly red in color and just too great for words.  I won't rest until I knit one for myself.  Any and ALL suggestions around patterns and fibers will be gratefully accepted.
I don't know if this photo is clear enough, but the snow is piled up behind this window in huge fluffy drifts.  And it's colder than I can remember in a long time.  We are really hunkered down - it's too cold and blustery to do anything else.  I'm making pea soup AND New England clam chowder -
And I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to Christmas yet.


Bea said...

Happy Birthday Hillary!!

Zoey said...

Happy BIRTH day to you, Mom! You, too Hillary. I hope your 30th was wonderful.

Can't help you with the hat, Jody, as I can't knit--though I once could (when I was a teenager). My sister, Tammy (the one who knits those wonderful gifts) just reminded me of that yesterday. She thinks I could learn again, but right now I have all the hobbies I can fit into my schedule. I will just look forward to seeing your progress.

MeinSie said...

Happy Birthday Hillary and Jody, too! Dulce just turned 34 on Dec 22nd and she happily called me to say a sweet blue opal ring was presented to her by her boyfriend of 6 years to signal an engagement. Vermont wedding is in the works!