Friday, October 8, 2010


David Yurman, how do I love thee?  At least this one way.  Oh, I misspoke.  At least these TWO ways . . .
My birthday arrives this month and while I am quite certain that neither of these pieces will find their way to my house, one can always dream.  I have many things that I dream of.

Harley would enjoy riding in this Cayenne, wouldn't he?  Me too.  And how about an entire lot of this - just because.
Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Spirit collection.  Any and all and at LEAST 20 skeins each.  (gluttony resides here)  I could sit in my new house and knit while listening to the sounds of the ocean.  Block Island.
Harley would need a few new playmates to run over the dunes with.  There are wonderful places on Block Island where cars cannot go and dogs reign.
How about this gorgeous Leonberger - they love the water as much as my Golden dog does.  And a friend to guard the picnic basket back on the beach -
 I fell in love with the Corgi back in college when one of my equestrian suite-mates brought hers along to keep her horse company at the stable.  Seriously. You can't make this stuff up.  I attended an all-female junior college which catered to the horsey set.  I think that I may have been the only art major there on full scholarship.  One of my suite-mates had a weekly allowance which equalled my tuition.  (maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit here!)  Sometimes she would take a group of us into the city and we would ultimately end up in Chinatown - dining on food that I could never pronounce and really had never experienced before.  Bennett Junior College.  Those were the days.  I digress ...
You already know that I love cowboy boots - these are gorgeous -

I can definitely see myself clumping around Sheep & Wool in them.  I would show you all of the fabrics that I presently covet, and books, and plants, etc, but I'll bet you have lists of your own - and I'd love it if you would share them!  (now leave off world peace and the like - this is pure fluff.)


kate said...

I had forgotten you were a fellow Libra! Wishing you a fabulous birthday, and if it were up to me you would have all your dream presents, especially those cowboy boots - lord knows we deserve them, and then some!

Bea said...

Seems like a good birthday or Christmas wish list.