Monday, October 4, 2010


I think that I was a cowgirl in another life.  Horses, guns, dangerous men, whiskey.  Think - 'The Quick and the Dead'.
Remember Sharon Stone in those leather pants?  THAT'S what I'm talking about.  These days I muddle about in my cowgirl FAT BABY boots.
And everyone at work laughs at me and my quirky fashion sense.  Ask me if I care - that's pink suede, man!  But there IS something missing.  Look closely.
No socks.  No hand-knitted socks!  So I holstered up and spun me a hank or two!
By midday I had the beginnings of a new 'jitterbug' sock which will make those boots feel really wonderful.  I'm going to need knee socks next.  I'm pretty sure that the leather pants will remain a memory.


Bea said...

Nice boots. I'm pretty sure I wasn't a cowgirl in another life and definitely not in this one. (I probably shouldn't say that too loud since I live in Texas...)

Zoey said...

You are going to be so cute in those socks with the cowgirl boots!