Sunday, October 24, 2010


What an emotional weekend this has been!  We waked and buried Scott's dad and it was an amazing journey of love and tears and reunion.  It's not over yet - there are flights to be caught and a few rounds of golf to be played and more family to share with - food and drink to consume, etc.  I do love Scott's brothers and their spouses and their children and their cousins ...etc!  But I must admit, I have one special favorite.  She happens to be that beauty on the left -
That's Danielle, Fred Jr.'s daughter.   (And also in this image - Fred's lovely wife Mary, who is SUCH a good sport - she allowed me to drag her on a long walk through the autumn orchards.  You are amazing, Mary!)  But back to Danielle - you extraordinarily, beautiful young woman - you lifted me and made me laugh and pause at your wisdom.  I missed you even before you left!  And now you are on your way back to your life in New Orleans.  I am determined to stay in close contact - that may include a trip next year.  I wonder if they have yarn shops in the Big Easy ...
Three of the five brothers - I include this image for prosperity as we never get to see Scott in a suit!  He looks good in pink, yes?  It surprises me that I didn't take a million photos.  The children gave me a wonderful new camera for my birthday, but the days took on such a frenetic pace that I was often without it.  Scott's dad served in the Navy for four years and I wished that I could have captured the poignant naval tribute.  We had perfect weather, cool and crisp and breezy.  The colors of the American flag draped over the casket against a surreal blue sky was just heart-stopping.  After the burial and a buffet we walked across the railroad bridge en masse.  We dropped red roses into the river.  One likes to think that Poppa Fred was somewhere nearby, smiling.

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Exuberant Color said...

Reconnecting with family, an important part of life but so many times it only happens at the death of one.