Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It's back to work.  I did manage a bit of knitting during the past week - no surprise there!  Truthfully, it was the knitting that held me together, or the IDEA that it was there, quietly waiting for me to join it that really provided comfort.  Periodically checking in with all of you was more of the glue - the stabilizer, that reminded me life would once again return.  Thank you.
The merino/silk from Mt View Farm beckoned and I answered its call.  This is dreamy stuff!  I'm working from a pattern found on Purlbee called Lovely Leaf Lace Scarf, and it is!  This pattern calls for cashmere and although I wish I had some, the Mt View stand in does not disappoint!
And, as usual, I have company whenever I sit down to knit!


Zoey said...

Your knitting looks lovely, Jody, but I am noticing that pumpkin runner...cute, cute, cute!

Paulina said...

I so love pattern knitting. I am getting my students into it. I have them knitting dish cloths. Starting the beginning of the year we will be beginning a project of the month. It started out different and just grew. I'll blog it so you can read it. I am so proud of them. I am sitting soaking my feet reading your life. I have missed you. I hope you had a good birthday???