Friday, July 2, 2010


We should have named her Shadow.
Miss Bella - Keeper of the Dark.  Slinkiest of the Slinky.  Ruler of the House.  My little rescue, found on the city streets of Poughkeepsie one Halloween.  She has few endearing qualities, but she keeps the rodent population down to a dull roar.  Which is ok by me.  She wardens both canines as well - there is no doubt who is In Charge.
SEWING ... summer projects.  Izzy and Ivy have a fabulous line, go see them ...
More of my favorite motif - never can get enough of anything cherry.
Secret projects - have to be finished and mailed before revealing!
Up with the birds - the countdown has begun.  Including today I have five days left before my summer vacation officially begins.  These are a few of the projects that I hope to complete.
I am desperate to make these cafe curtains from Fresh Figs.  I love everything that this designer puts her hand to.  Summer reading will include;
I hope to vist the Edward Gorey museum/house when I get to the Cape this summer.  I remember seeing his set design of 'Dracula' years ago in Boston when Frank Langella (swoon) played the leading role.  I returned for the showing on press night.  I sent yellow roses backstage to Frank and I called him in his hotel room.  He answered.  Gracious, provocative, memorable.  He is one of my favorite actors of all time.  Do you remember seeing him in 'Diary of a Mad Housewife'?  Outstanding.  And that voice ... compelling.  Let's not even talk about his eyes.  OH!  I got off track - I was talking about Edward Gorey, illustrator and artist, genius.  
I plan to stop in West Barnstable on my way to Chatham - I want to visit a shop called YummyGoods.  I've been following Melissa Averinos' blog for some time now and she is an inspiration and a delight.  When I look at her work I am reminded that we MUST follow our bliss! 

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