Saturday, July 17, 2010


Friday was one of those wonderful 'home' days.  As in, neither Scott nor I had to work.  When this happy and rare occurrence falls on a weekday, it feels like winning the lottery.  I have to be careful not to stay in that mode - it's intoxicating.  Imagine having the luxury and freedom of NOT having to report for work?  Ever again?  (sigh)
Scott was up before the birds (literally) digging a hole.
It was time to retire this poor thing - battered and weathered and faithful through eight long seasons at Cloudwalk.
It really started when the neighbor installed his new mailbox on OUR property.  We don't know why he does this kind of stuff, but we're getting used to his quirky behavior.  Like burning his garbage on sweltering days or using a chain saw every Friday night (are there any trees LEFT on his property???)  The list goes on, but suffice to say, the fence that Scott built last year has made for "better neighbors", (as in, now we don't have to SEE his insane behavior any longer) even though it couldn't hide his shiny new plastic molded mailbox.  If any of you possesses such a mailbox, PLEASE do not take offense.  It's just that we are partial to handmade ANYTHING, and the mailbox set-up is no exception to the rule.   Oh - btw, this neighbor that I write of is NOT my good neighbor Andy with whom I share the bluebirds and the gardens.  It's the Other One.  The Anti-Neighbor.  This is his mailbox.  On our property.
So, I asked Scott to build a new mailbox holder.  If you remember, Scott doesn't do 'small'.  I wasn't surprised when the 2X6 appeared and the toolbox was opened and the sound of saws filled the air.  
Did I mention that it was 86 degrees before 9:00am?  I was out in the herb garden while Scott was creating his magic, but we were both suffering with the heat and high humidity.  I don't know why I feel compelled to report this weather pattern - somehow sharing it makes it less intolerable!  It's supposed to reach into the 90's over the weekend.  Sewing weather.
The next images were taken a few moments ago - it's surprising how quickly this project came together.

Scott painted the flower box the color of his barn and I planted the go-to geraniums with some mystery seeds which will cascade in time - hopefully before the snow flies!  There is still more to do - brass numbers, filigree bracket, mailbox painting, etc. . . but I think that this is good progress! 

 Meanwhile, I wandered out to the gardens and picked our first broccoli offerings -
I am having my BFF for dinner - cream of broccoli soup with good french bread, endive and beet salad with walnuts and goat cheese and steamed CRAB LEGS ... mmmmm


Bea said...

Wow that's kind of crazy that he put his mailbox on your property. I like what you guys did. I think the flowers are going to look great!

Anonymous said...

You are such a fabulous writer of tales, Jody. This entry is no exception. I love the stories you've related in this blog. And your wonderful pictures are amazing companions to your words. The combination is a wonderful snapshot of life in your part of the country.