Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hot.  Too hot to comment.  Good sewing weather.
My pieced flag didn't slide under the 4th of July deadline, but I am pleased with my progress - there is major avoidance of the star area though, because I am not interested in piecing together 1 1/4" squares.  Since I learned how to do foundation piecing, the old fashioned seaming no longer appeals to me.   I guess that I will have to hunker down and create my own paper pieced pattern if this has any chance of being finished.  In 2010. 
Hilary's bathmat was tied and delivered today - she really seemed to like it.  I'm knitting wash cloths out of Rowan organic cotton to go with this gift.  A ruffled hand towel or two might be nice as well.
The completed 4th of July banner - love the finished result - maybe it's time to take down those white holiday lights, what do you think?  We actually like how they appear summer evenings when all of the other house lights are turned down low.  The little white lights are especially festive when they compete with the July fireflies outside the door.  (I can see that the white gutter downspout has to go too.)  
Do you know people who collect caches?  You might walk into their homes and notice, in a subtle, or not so subtle way, a little theme thing going on.  My coworker collects frogs.  My sister has a fondness for vintage botanicals and a pottery that I cannot put a name to.  My girlfriend is all about apple motif.  I.  Adore.  Pachyderms.  This pattern is one of Linda Hibbert's creations.  It graces a linen jacket that I made quite a while ago.  I'm getting ready to return to this theme again because it keeps whispering in my ear - each time I sort through the greens and grays that I've been gathering, elephants reappear.  It's becoming increasingly clear that I've not finished with these amazing creatures - at least, not in my fiber life.  One day, when I have the luxury of time and disengagement (whatever THAT means!) I plan to visit an elephant sanctuary.  I'm hoping to sign on as an intern - I want to work with the baby elephant orphans.  They touch my heart where words do not follow.
This elephant themed batik is truly one of my all-time favorites and I wish that I had purchased many more yards of it than I did when I originally found it.  Now of course, it is impossible to locate.  If anyone out there has any -  and wants to sell it - PLEASE drop me a line!  


Zoey said...

Your flag is looking so nice. Are you going to try to get all fifty stars in there? That looks like it would be quite a task!

Cute elephant, jacket, too. That is nice fabric.

I think a couple of ruffled hand towels to match the bathmat would really make an outstanding gift. Maybe a line of patchwork, then a ruffle...I am getting all excited just thinking of the possibilities!

Bea said...

I think the flag is looking really nice. Sorry the stars are going to be such a bother. I know you'll find a good way to do it.