Monday, July 26, 2010


Everyone is talking about it - a coooool front moved in last night, releasing this part of the northeast from the fangs of inferno!  Seriously.  I turned the A/C off and slept under the window where the curtains lifted and parted - softly, all night long.  Bliss.
This morning, a little time spent in the sewing room and then - BIG plans for the vegetable garden.
This wonderful fabric arrived last week - I haven't gotten my 'Scotty' trailer yet, so this may have to do, for now.  Have you been to lately?  If they don't carry it, I swear, it doesn't exist!  I actually have to impose limits on both the equilter site AND Amazon for myself!  Who knew?  Remember life before Google?  
Someone was feeling especially photogenic this morning.  Check out that window sill - it comes to you courtesy of Miss Bella's claws.  I give up.  One day, when we refurbish this portion of the house, she'll be banned.  Do you hear me, Bella?  BANNED.  I had some sad news this morning - the unsinkable Max passed away at the ripe old age of 20. I don't have any photos of him as he went to live with Hilary's father years ago.  He was a GORGEOUS thing - suspected of having Balinese blood.  Twenty years - a good run, Max.  You were loved.  And you too were a 'cool breeze' - all attitude, feline aloofness, and quite grand.  
Some nice lightweight linen in white and denim - I also have a shell-pink piece - all waiting to be transformed.  Next week I am taking mom on a road trip to Norwalk, Ct to shop Banksville Fabrics.  When I tell you that this place is fabric mecca, I am not exaggerating.  The Shapiros buy from the NYC garment district and offer bolt after bolt of the most current designer fabrics - all discounted.  This is not a place for the faint of heart - this is SERIOUS sewing country!  Maybe I'll be able to sneak my camera in.


kate said...

Those linen tops look lovely and cool - we're in the middle of a patch of humidity that has me cowering indoors with the A/C roaring!

What a great run your Max had - sounds like he gave you years of terrific memories!

Love the camper fabric - just the ticket if you can't have the real thing yet!

Zoey said...

Cute fabric!

Please send the cool weather my way. It's already 75 degrees at 5:30 a.m. HATE this weather!