Friday, July 23, 2010


 My kitchen is positively chock full of healthy food.
If you open the refrigerator, this kind of stuff falls out -
(I'm about zucchini'ed out!)  Not to mention this GIANT head of cabbage, which I find kind of scary (and flawless)  I mean, WHO can eat that much cole slaw by themselves?  Does anyone have a recipe for sauerkraut?  Dear God.
One would think that I would be impossibly thin and healthy.  One would be wrong.  I went to the convenience store last night and bought (voice drops to a whisper) potato chips and dip. I did.  I really did.  All of this healthy food is getting on my last nerve!  It's one thing to have heads of cauliflower and broccoli growing beautifully out there on the vine - it's altogether another to have them languishing in the refrigerator, growing limper by the minute.  I hate wasting food and it's even more repugnant to me when the food that I'm wasting is the food I've been growing.  It's hard to prepare food for one.  For me, food = love.  Preparing food for my family is a great joy and a creative endeavor - one that I always look forward to.  But, leave me alone for a few weeks with no one to cook for and you'll find emptied tins of sardines and cracker crumbs about!  (and potato chip sacks)
I'm knitting.  This is the beginning of an original pattern that I've been designing.  It's exciting and HARD.  Hours pass by like minutes when one is out on one's native knitting limb.  Anne Hanson, I have a whole new appreciation for you!  How do you do it?  Those lace charts, those row-by-row instructions which are PERFECTION?  Amazing.  I love lace knitting, but my roots are in cables.  Textural knitting really appeals to me, but I've put it aside for quite some time now.  I'm back!  Cables put me in mind of autumn and crisp air and Sheep & Wool festival!  I'm not ready for summer to end, but a little relief from the humidity would be nice.
I think I'll go plant a new row of beets and perhaps some swiss chard.

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Zoey said...

Oh, Jody, I really wish I had all those fresh veggies! I need to go to the Farmer's Market.

What about making stuffed cabbage rolls with that beautiful head? You could eat a couple for dinner and freeze the rest.