Saturday, July 31, 2010


My children left for the Cape this morning.  Someone had to stay behind to tend the four dogs in two separate households.  Children in Chatham.  Scott in Staniel Cay.  What's wrong with this picture?
Patty came over and brought her lovely new dog, Zella.  Zella is VERY smart and Harley has a little crush on her, but only if she stays outdoors.  Everything changes when she comes inside.
Patty is working really hard with this dog and it shows.  I wish that her good behavior and intelligence would rub off on the golden one!  He remains willful, but honestly, I would not change a thing about him.  I sent the little dress that I made for Patty's granddaughter home with her.  It's so sweet -
It was good to have some time with my friend.  I'd been feeling a bit anxious all afternoon and could not quite put a finger on it until we sat together and talked.  That's how it is with best friends - we talk and talk and talk some more.  And before you know it, we've solved all kinds of problems, even the ones that we could not name.  Patty's generosity  - her gift for friendship, for survival, for redemption, is like manna to me.  She listens to me drone on about the bad hand of cards that I've been dealt, and never cuts me off.  She reminds me that I have value.  She brings me yarn ...
Sometimes I remember to send her home with flowers, but tonight I forgot.  So sorry, Patty! (the hummus will have to be your consolation prize!)
Time for me to go and feed that other set of hungry dogs.  Dinner, a walk and maybe a little company - they don't need all that much.  I missed the Cape trip this time, but I'll find a way to make up for it in September!


patty said...

I checked in to see if you put a picture up of the dress so I can show Cindy how beautiful it is. You are so very talented Jody. The Hummus! There are not words to say how YUMMY that is. I am going to start the marketing first thing Monday morning. A day without you just no darn good. Thank you for your company, my full tummy and you Jody! Sarah loved the Hummus too "Oh MOM this is sooooo good - Tell Jody it's so good - thank you" I absolutely cannot wait to see Abigail in this dress!

Anonymous said...

The dress looks lovely. Thank you for thinking of Abigail when you made this. Can't wait to slip it on her. I will send a picture. Thank you Jody.

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

4 dogs - 4?? While they are at the Cape. Oh, you are a better mother than I could ever hope to be.
We are not worthy!