Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Did I mention that Scott left for the Bahamas yesterday?  The project that he was counting on in Westchester won't be ready for a few weeks, so he skipped off - I heard him mention something about a 'Blackhawk' project - I'm assuming that the team owner must be building.  What's a Blackhawk?  I thought that I'd post some images from Staniel Cay.  We can all have a vicarious thrill!
I could live with this view from my front window - how about you?
I'm told that the temps can reach to 106 on any given July day.  No thank you - island breezes or not, 106 degrees is NOT knitting weather!!!  
Still, it's a pretty view. wouldn't you say?  There's lots more, but I want to talk about sewing.  I am making a little dress for my BFF's granddaughter.  I found a beautiful embroidered seersucker at JoAnn's, which was surprising!  I never have high expectations when I go there, and sometimes serendipity occurs!!! 
When my children were small, my mother made rompers for them out of seersucker - there was always a fresh one on hand when I reached for it.  So I have a close connection to this fabric and whenever I see the 100% cotton variety, well, I'M a sucker for it!!!  This piece is no exception - it's soft, yet crisp and feels wonderful against the skin.  It also wears like iron - a nice feature for something that is laundered regularly!
I am loving these disjointed log cabin blocks!  I try to make two each day.
I've started a new banner in decidedly 'Hilary' fabrics!
And I have a helper this morning who is very vocal and refuses to move.  She misses Scott already and is making her displeasure known.  Although I rarely compliment this one, she IS very attached to us in her aloof manner.  A little head butting, followed by a quick nip is her way of showing her love.  Ouch.

I'm hoping to send these two pillows off to Pauline for finishing.  Ssssshhh - she isn't aware of this, yet!  No one can do piping like Pauline.  She makes impossibly tiny piping from slinky slippery silk and never misses a beat!  Now that I've buttered her up, perhaps she will consent to this work!
It's so frustrating having to deal with this camera of mine which REFUSES to document details.  Maybe it's the user. Maybe I need to go back to the owner's manual and study.  Anyway, there are some wonderful cube beads dangling from Sunbonnet Sue's hat, which you cannot see.  You'll have to take my word for it - me, the occasional photographer!
I leave you with another Staniel image -


Zoey said...

It is indeed a lovely view, but if it comes with 106 degree temps --- forget it! I am hating the 80-85 temps I have had to put up with for the past few weeks.

patty said...

Jody I love seersucker!!! Wherever did you find it. I was dressed in seersucker and my children were dressed in seersucker. Look out I may swipe it!