Wednesday, June 30, 2010


How could any hydrangea admirer walk past this new variety without pausing?  Two pots came home with me and I'm going back for the third!  I confess to being partial to the lacecap and of course the brilliant blue, but this is not a common color in my garden theme and I am interested in seeing how it fares.  It is not zoned for my part of the world, but I think that good placement and protective 'cages' will see it through a NYS winter.
We had beets last night!
This is a deeply satisfying crop because the entire plant is consumed.  I prepared the greens last night and they were amazing!  
 Would you even consider discarding such handsome greens?  This early in the season they are virtually bug bite free and vigorous.  We like them as well as the swiss chard which is making its way to maturity.
I made a trip to LFS.  I had to stock up on my favorite Kona cotton, "snow" and, as is always the case, several fabrics found their way into my heart.
I love this batik so much that I can hardly stand it.  Isn't the Amy Butler print a perfect twin?  I have no idea where these two are going, but I'm pretty sure that it will be together, hand in hand.
And yes, I AM considering signing up for a summer class - I need to get out more.  If I don't impose limitations upon myself, I am in the garden from sun up to sun set - ALL SUMMER LONG!  Remember, I have an academic year position and in less than a week I am FREE for 10 weeks!  Gardening is good.  Complete isolation is bad.
sssshhhh - this is a present for Pauline.  I plan to hand-deliver it when she moves to New Hampshire this fall.  


Exuberant Color said...

I have never seen a lacecap hydrangea in that color before. Can they be planted in the sun or do they need partial shade?

Bea said...

I love beets. I'm trying to convince Chris that he does too but its not working so well.