Sunday, June 6, 2010


She's off on a tangent - hurling humidity, flash floods and the threat of a tornado these past few days.  Mother!  This is northeastern New York, for jeepers sake - not the midwest!  How am I supposed to get my June gardening done when you drench my beds one moment and racquet up the temperatures to near-Hades levels the next?   Your behavior is annoying to me, it makes me think that I might have to resort to some of the H word  ...  dreaded housework, ugh.  Or, I could pull out those promised images of my book-making efforts.
This is my first book, made of fiber.  I've started another since, but like many original efforts, this one owns my heart.
It consists of perhaps eight double-sided pages which have been encased as one would a quilt - with batting and assorted fabric treatments.  Each page offers a little life 'lesson', such as:
That's a good one, yes?
Eat Good Food.  Your mother always tried to teach you how important this was - you probably didn't catch on until you had your own children!  I used to make my babies their first foods - I was particularly proud of my pureed chicken!  (and they smacked their lips and never spit it out!)  It was really good.
I loved beading these pages and scrounging through my 'stuff' for paper beads and wires and stamps and whatnot.
Sorry about that.  Turn head to the right, please...
Tell the Truth.  Eat Good Food.  Honor your Family.  Remember -    
No matter where you roam, there's no place like Home.  Make a book for someone that you love.  Pull out all of your creative stops - use your favorite fabrics, your treasured threads, your best sentiments.  Learn a new technique and apply it - silky tassels, machine embroidery, beaded and bedazzled edgings.  Whoever is fortunate enough to receive such a treat will absolutely

LOVE it!


Bea said...

Welcome to Texas, thought I'm not sure how you got it to go up there in Northern New York???

The book is looking really good. I love how its turning out.

Paulina said...

Well, this is inspiring. Would this be a great project for our book? I love it and it rings a little different from what I have seen. i would have done a few things different to stabilize, but otherwise it is perfect.