Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have been working on small projects - portable or movable pieces that I can take to the office where all is relatively calm.  Some of my coworkers read, but I knit or quilt or bead.  This is a placemat that I am making for mom.
This image seems really fuzzy, sorry about that.  Maybe it's this infernal heat which is bearing down on the eastern seaboard - we are choking in the high 90's.  Even the dogs have no real interest in staying outdoors when there is central a/c inside!
I've got the buntings out for the fourth of July - and I'm still trying to finish up my quilted flag (progress is grim!)
The coreopsis LOVES this heat and humidity - it's cousin 'moonbeam' did not reemerge ... I'm wondering what that is all about and missing the soft yellow glow.  We had a particularly hard winter and I'm noticing that many perennials did not make it through.
Of course, NOTHING can discourage the grasses - they really pack a punch in a long border.  NEED.  MORE.
The lilies are getting ready for their debut with a hydrangea backdrop.  How I love June as seen in the garden.  Everything is fresh and vigorous.


Jackie said...

Your flowers, fabric and real, are just gorgeous!! I also love June and all it has to offer.

Zoey said...

I really the hydrangeas behind those pink lily buds.

I lost two coreopsis this year, too. We had a mild winter with little snow cover to protect them, so I blame it on that.