Sunday, June 13, 2010


Something new to work on -
Because it's always satisfying to use up old Debbie Bliss cashmerino!  My color combination reminds me of the creamsicles that we used to crave -  those childhood memories of the ice cream truck chug-chugging up the hill with its infectious melody breaking the summer afternoon silence.   Mothers would groan and reach for their change purses.  Do you remember change purses?
Another view with a complimentary cotton dot ...
I've had somewhat of a traumatic weekend.  Traumatic in the garden sense ... the resident groundhog and her two babies dug under my fence and helped themselves to ALL of my swiss chard, my beautiful romaine (5 heads) and every bit of parsley in the garden.  I've tried every single thing that I can think of to persuade them to move off.  They aren't prepared to go anywhere when Le Cirque dining is in front of them - for the digging.  I spent most of the afternoon in the vegetable garden waving my arms and cursing and weeding.  Oye. 
How about that for greed?  And just look what they did to this beautiful head of romaine;
 It was a treat then, to come indoors and work on the little creamsicle sweater for a bit.  And my BFF is coming over to get her birthday cake and gift - which is wonderful.  I made a banana chiffon pound cake ...
It was dusted with confectionary sugar shortly after this image was taken, and it was quite delicious!  I made a sweet little patchwork bath mat for my friend which was tied and backed with a nice absorbent terry cloth,
and she seemed to like it a lot.  it will look nice draped over her tub - a little patchwork always makes for a smile. I am getting back into the swing of sewing again.  My daughter will like one of these mats in naturals with salmon accents and I favor something in teal and purple and cream.  NICE!  My Bernina is back from the shop all clean and oiled and ready to go!  I'm not ready to put the old Record away yet.  It's been fun getting reacquainted and now I think that I'll need both machines out and at the ready!

Because I am worried about what tomorrow may bring - what, with the hungry groundhog family afoot, I MUST add a few images of the garden taken just this evening, in the rain.  It could be a memory by morning!
The garden shepherd ... rain doesn't bother this boy.  He had a grooming this week - isn't he pretty?
It has been a most delightful endeavor ... hopefully, it will be intact, come morning!  From my mouth to God's ears

'Who plants a seed beneath the sod
and waits to see
Believes in God'
- anonymous


Exuberant Color said...

I LOVE your new header picture!!

It sounds like you need chickenwire cages over the top of your plants. I don't know if that is really even an option.

Paulina said...

Too bad you don'[t have a cat or some pet that would relish spending each night out doors to make game with the critters that attack your garden. Is that possible? Is there a pet that would love protecting your gardens from groundhogs and the like?