Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Walkway over the Hudson on a clear day, to the north: Albany
To the south - Manhattan

Down the middle -
A perfect ending to a good day.  We live in a place of beauty and we appreciate these moments.
What I find most interesting is this curious fact - I am one who can be undone by height.  It's a phobia that runs strong and deep - and travels back to childhood.  When my son and his girlfriend asked me to walk the bridge, I hesitated.  The first time I walked this bridge, fog blanketed the entire length and stay of our outing.  There was no fear, as I could not see the water.  But on this clear bright evening, nothing is left to the imagination... it is a tremendous height from bridge to water.  My legs were rubbery.  I fixed my sights on these young people, laughing, alive, completely in the moment.  Unafraid.  

I relaxed and the fear slipped away.  So much gratitude have I, to have NOT declined, to have gone along and enjoyed these moments, to have established this potent memory.  Many thanks to Andrew and Merilee...

On the fiber front - I went to JoAnn today - my LEAST favorite place, for some embroidery floss.  Look what I found:
Cherries.  Orange polka dots. Heaven.  There are two little girls in my life that need summer tops.  I think that I made good selections - really, how can one ever go wrong when cherries are involved?

And lastly, my New Dawn rose is chumming it up with her perennial boyfriend - the clematis that needs no introduction - I mean really, aren't these two made for one another?  Summer romance - so sweet, so fleeting!


Jackie said...

What beautiful photos of the bridge and a story that I can relate to as well. Height is definitely difficult to overcome, but good for you! Which bridge was this? Looking forward to seeing that girly top.

Exuberant Color said...

I don't like heights either, and especially not over water. I don't even like driving over long bridges.

Bea said...

I love walking bridges. I'm so glad that being with the unafraid made you more relaxed so you could enjoy it more.