Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ours is a large house comprised of many badly configured rooms.  I'd relish a chat one day with the designer.  Perhaps in the safety of the hereafter, he or she will reveal the motivation behind the design.  Nooks and crannies, impossibly small bathrooms and ceilings that pitch in the wrong direction ... just gettin' started.

I wandered into the man cave barn the other night and suddenly realized something essential, something that had been alluding me.  Part of the attraction that Scott has for his barn lies in its very distance from the house!  duuuhhh.  When he walks away from the main house and crosses the drive, he effectively enters a different zone.  It's important to me to understand why he would rather sit in the barn at 5:30am to drink his coffee and ponder the day than remain in the house with the dogs and me. (smoke 'em if you got 'em?!!)  Damn cigarettes.

Everyone needs a room of one's own.  A separate place - a sacred spot in which to escape from the rough and tumble cruelty of this world.  Someone said, and I echo - in these mean times we need to build an altar on every corner.  Amen to that.

So I went looking for something that was separate from the house.  In doing so I have discovered, well, YOU be the judge.

(deep sigh)  I am in love.  But it doesn't stop there ... my addictions rarely skim the surface of anything!  No, for me, it's always full speed ahead, damn those torpedos!  Fixation - a regular dog with a bone!  I cannot stop thinking about these little teardrops.
Think of it - a few hundred feet from the house - it might as well be a million!  One could get lost and stay lost for hours and hours ... reading a book, sewing a fine seam, knitting a lace shawl...

I'd have mine fitted with a feather bed for long dreamy naps.  White eyelet curtains and everything 50's ...

And there is always that OTHER feature - the one and most obvious of all - the quick get-away that these little gems can provide.  Hitch it up and GO!  

Hi honey!  I'm somewhere in New Mexico!  And to think, this all started with the loss of another apple tree.  Connections.


Hungarican Chick said...

OMG, I've always wanted one of those airstream Bambis that a Jeep could pull. It would be so fun. Look at the whitewall tires on the last one... Adorable! Me wants one!

Our house is teeny-tiny ~700-800 square feet, but out of necessity, we are constructing a man-cave(garage) for hubster in the back so he can fiddle with his 1950 Chevvy truck and his motorcycle various other toys necessary for his survival.

The truth is, when I look around our casa, it's got my hand all over it. Men do need their own domains where they can do their thing without our editing them.

kate said...

OMG - tres cute! for sure! you definitley need one to call your own. what a fab idea - I only wish my post-stamp of a backyard would hold one for myself. Retro airstream all the way, baby!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Lovely idea. I love all of them. If we could all get one and camp at a lovely spot, doing all things creative.

Sammia said...

Have you checked out Attic24?
She feel in love with a caravan recently too.