Saturday, February 27, 2010


No worries - I won't bombard you with any more snow updates - suffice to say that the northeast is getting smashed and we are snowbound!  Scott got in from the bahamas just in front of a big storm and blew out again yesterday in the MIDDLE of one!  He and his golf cronies friends were going to get to the airport - No. Matter. What.  Well - the first airport closed down (and this is a military airport!) so they rerouted to another.  But the two major highways leading to it both shut down - one for 40 miles.  Can you imagine?  Some motorists sat on that stretch all night long.  (Here is the first sign that perhaps one should wait out the storm and postpone the trip ...)  This band of gypsies found an airport in a different state and made their way toward it and sat in the terminal for many many hours.  They did make it to Florida AND their tee-off time - amazing.

Back home, Hilary was without power AGAIN.  She lives about 7 miles northwest of me where thousands were sitting in the dark for two days.  She and Carson rounded up the shivering dogs and came to me where Andrew joined us and we had a sleep over!
Harley wasn't happy about giving up HIS spot on the couch, but he found his good doggie manners and allowed Bubbha the catbird seat.
Hilary is under there somewhere - the poor child just could not get warm enough and we piled at least three quilts on top of her!  No, I haven't taken ALL of my holiday decorations down yet!  I love those chubby muslin angels holding hands across the mantel!  It's hard to say good bye to them!
Carson is all worn out from his CO training program.  He graduates next Friday.  We are all so proud of him that we can barely stand it.  NYS has an extremely challenging program and he has excelled in all areas.  No doubt!
Yes, I'm told that it is tropical where Scott is!!!  No matter.  We are having a good time - well, I am.  I love the snow and I love having my children and my dogs about.  OH!  And I am making progress on the old 'Looking Glass' sweater.  I want to be able to wear it this week, but the front bands are making me crazy ...

That 'curve' is unintentional and I am worried.  If anyone out there in Knitting Land has experienced this kind of problem and has suggestions - I am all ears!  Enjoy your weekend.


Bea said...

I'm glad you are enjoying being snowbound and you haven't lost power during all this. I think its just crazy how hard those golfing guys work to get where they want to go.

MeinSie said...

Your pictures are making me miss my Dulce - there is near 3' of snow in her Vermont yard....the back of winter is broken here in DC - cherry blossoms due at the end of this month - hope our blizzards haven't doused their light!