Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We are experiencing more of the white stuff - this time, ice is thrown in for shits and giggles.  Lovely.  I left work early and made my way west - managed to get the car in the barn, the dogs aired out, and a beef stew bubbling - all before the weather went sour.  It's nasty out there.

I'm taking Wanda's advice and constructing at least two 'H' blocks per day.  At this rate, I'll have Hilary's quilt finished and Lauren's started before the winter makes its exit.  

I snapped this image of my favorite guys before Scott left for the Bahamas.  I hope that he's found a razor over there on Staniel Cay!  Harley and Jack miss the Big Man.  They love him so much that it's almost disgusting.  I mean - really.  WHO feeds them?  WHO walks them?  WHO cleans up their messes and brushes them and loves them?  And then Scott comes along and all he has to do is to get down on the floor and wrestle - and he is a God to them.  It's not right.  They stand at the back door and watch for him - it's positively heartbreaking.

My dogs are magnificent beings.  I cannot express what I experience in their company - but I will tell you this - they have made the past few weeks bearable.  I seek their companionship.  They are the heart of my relationship with nature.  I am just scratching the surface of what they have to say.  Do you doubt this?  Live with a Jack Russell terrier - welcome a Golden Retriever into your life.  And then, after six months, check back with me.  We'll talk about your expanded life.

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Bea said...

Beef stew sounds nice. Ice? Not so much. Sorry the pups are missing Scott. I am the one the dogs follow around and miss. They are happy to see Chris but don't act like anything terrible is happening if he's not around for a couple of days.