Friday, February 19, 2010


We hung the little wall quilt at work - and everyone seems cheered by it.  
It was placed right behind Renee, our amazing receptionist/Do-Everything woman!    She lightens our work load on a daily basis.  So I brought these along too - banana blueberry muffins.
They were also a big hit - food usually is, especially the home made variety!  It was good to bake and fill the kitchen with a wonderful aroma again - when Scott is away I hunker down to the most basic, no preparation kind of meal.  He's been gone for two weeks and I'm missing him.  
(Renee refused to pose for my camera)  Have to get to work!


Bea said...

It looks great. I'm sure they appreciated it and the muffins!

Zoey said...

The quilt looks great there and the muffins are making me hungry. I have bananas and blueberries in the freezer. Maybe I will google a recipe and make some of those tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!