Friday, February 5, 2010


 This is a mincemeat pie.  This pie was made for Scott by my mother.  She left it in the oven a little too long, hence the 'toasted' edges.  But Scott won't mind.  Mom is the only person willing to create Scott's favorite pie and he always tries to return the favor - kindling wood, salt for the driveway, a surprise visit, etc.  They've got a good thing going.  And I'm off the hook since I've never been able to perfect the art of flaky pie crust.
This is a disguise so that Harley, with his sensationally great sense of smell, won't detect that it is in the house.  Really?  I've got to keep an eye on him -he could polish this off in nano-seconds!

I've been thinking a lot about mothers lately - mine, myself, the potential of my daughter becoming one.  I've been reading, because that is what I do.  
More on this another post!


Jackie said...

The pie looks fabulous! I know I could finish it quickly. Thanks for the book recommendation. I think I will check this one out.

Paulina said...

I want a pie. I love making pies. But eating a pie is never better than eating one that someone else made. The secret to a flaky crust is to not over mix the butter into the flour. When you roll it out, you should still see pieces of butter. The butter, the flour should be very very cold as well as the water. You should get, or have Scott get, a huge marble tile from the building recycle store. I have even refrigerated that. The colder you work with the crust the better. Everything else is a piece of "cake", so to speak. Maybe I will make a pie.

Bea said... mincemeat pie.