Saturday, February 13, 2010


What can be said about a massive group of people who are willing to devote 17 days to one project in a herculean effort to cross the finish line before the 2010 Olympic flame is extinguished?  KNIT ON!  I chose the February Lady again because I think that I can knit this beauty in my sleep.  I have some nice Cascade 220 that reminds me of blueberry picking.  Sometimes commercial yarns really fit the bill and this is no exception - it will wear like iron and behave like a lady.

I knit for a long time last night and was reminded why I dislike avoid garter stitch:

I didn't get nearly as far along as I'd hoped to.  16 days and counting ...
The project that you see peeping out from under FL needs to be finished before Monday morning when I present it to my coworkers as their collective Valentine gift!  I also hope to make some blueberry banana muffins.  There's a lot to do - guess that I'll have to sacrifice the housework.  (what a shame!)

There's a new book to distract me as well - this one had me at the cover.  I'd love to knit the turtle for Harley - perhaps when the Olympics are over.


Maria said...

Good for you! You've got a good start.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I absolutely love to knit but haven't done it in years. (How will I find the time? I ask myself.) I took lessons one winter in NYC and I still have the cable knit vest and little girl's sweater I made. (Although I never learned how to sew the arms onto it!)

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day,

Bea said...

I couldn't pick a project so I am knitting olympic less...unless I cast on something now and try and do it in 13 days instead of 17. hmmm...Maybe I should. I love your sweater!