Friday, March 5, 2010


We all took the day off and drove to Albany.  My knitting bag came along and remained untouched, in the back seat.  There were bigger and more important things to focus on.  I give you Carson - brand new NYS Correction Officer who walked off with two of the four awards.
Physical Performance and Firearms Proficiency.  Yikes.  He worked hard - gave it his full effort and we applaud him today.  Congratulations Carson - we are so proud and happy for you.  Now we have a firefighter and a CO officer in the family - young brave strong men who believe in service.  Life is full of surprises.

I cannot speak for Carson's mom, but I know that when we were told that Andrew was in the top 5% of all math students in this country and invited to a Johns Hopkins program, I thought that he might become a nuclear physicist or a professor of mathematics or an architect or even some kind of engineer.  Firefighting was not the profession that I dreamed or would have chosen for him.  Running into buildings, risking his life to save others, just never figured up there at the top of the 'career' list.  But I love my son, and he's shown me that this choice is not about me, and I'll echo the sentiment to Carson - this is all about YOU and living your life the way you envision and dream it to be.  We love you, support you, and are so very proud of you.  May you have a career that is safe and fulfilling in all ways - from my mouth, to God's ears.


Bea said...

Congrats Carson!

Morna said...

What a lovely, exuberant, springtime-Easter quilt you have up top!