Sunday, February 21, 2010


Such a wonderful day - I went along at my own pace and accomplished some of the things that I'd been wanting to address and I left all others by the way side! (i.e. laundry, housework ...)
Spring seems to be tapping at the windows and my thoughts are beginning to turn to the garden.  

I'm thinking about planting the peas  - I don't want this spring legume ritual to pass me by again, leaving my garden peas-less like last year.  There is something so uplifting about getting down on one's knees in the cool damp earth and digging the customary 4 inch by six inch trench.  Peas like cool weather and the seeds germinate when the soil reaches about 40 degrees - which is, to my mind, a perfect temperature.  Like the pea, I'm a cool weather kind of gurl.  

This past week was a difficult one.  I'd ended up in my supervisor's office, I had to make amends, and a friend reminded me that nothing in my life has changed in the 10 years that she's known me.  I'm going to grow old like this, says the voice in my head.  I'm going to end up alone.  It'll be me and the dog and the cat and I'll outlive them and have to go on without them.  Pity-party kind of stuff.  Thoughts of the garden soothe me.

There was some sewing -
I love this denim - I don't care if it dates me, it's my Go-To fabric!  It's the bees knees (love bee motif in any form)
And then Patty came over for chicken and dumplings and she brought me a gift - the most WONDERFUL gift - a pair of 'Bella' mittens, made of, I believe, Punta merino.  DELICIOUS.  Thank you dear friend.  These will be a most welcomed addition on those early morning Harley walks!  Knowing, as I do, that you are putting in 60+ hour weeks, makes these mittens even more precious.  Your friendship is a gift - I cherish it, and you.  AND the mittens!
Here's Patty modeling them and holding the pitiful progress of the pair I am making for her!  She may see them completed before the snow departs, but I don't want her to hold her breath!
I hope that yours was a wonderful weekend too.


Exuberant Color said...

I love the flower blocks. they really look like spring. Cute shirt pattern too. It is so hard to find a good pattern any more. I like your bees too.

As far as being alone, it's not the worst thing. You get to do what you want, answer your own questions, clean the house if you want to. But I hope you don't have to if you don't want to.
From your eccentric friend who likes aloneness.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Exuberant Color. I love, love being alone with my dogs doing the things that I enjoy. Seeing a friend occasionally (every two to three months) is just the right balance.

Your quilt is spectacular.

Bea said...

Love those quilt blocks! Oh and the bellas mitts are awesome. I like that they are opposites. No peas for me. They just get dug up by the armadillo and usually fried before the middle of summer. Though weird winter might mean weird summer?

Zoey said...

Those quilt blocks are beautiful!

Peas from the garden sound delicious. I like to eat them right from the freshly-picked pod.

Tara said...

Oh yours are beautiful too! And I love your egg quilt too!