Sunday, January 31, 2010


My BFF and I were having a conversation about life and knitting.  She owns a yarn shop and Jared Flood was there, teaching a workshop on seamless something.  She had left the shop to steal a few precious 'down time' moments for herself, knowing that everything was fine in the capable hands of Mr. Flood.  She called me and we started talking about time management and how difficult it is to find and/or make time for knitting.  For instance, I had good intentions to attend the workshop, but decided against it as it would cut into my weekend too drastically.  Staying home meant that I would nearly complete a small quilt top AND work on some knitted projects AND create a great dinner AND help my daughter move into her new house.

This morning, in hindsight, I am wishing that I'd gone and participated in the knitting event!  Because, as Patty pointed out, we NEVER have enough time for knitting.  In the deep of the steamy humid month of July we will be fanning ourselves and wishing January back.  And knitting.

My daughter wants me to make some of these:
Being the good and dutiful mother that I am, I just clammed up and started digging around for a stray skein of Cascade - my knitterly version of muslin - the perfect yarn to "try out" something new.  You're probably wondering, as am I, what in the hell heck she wants these for.  We'll wonder together, in silence.  This is not a prudent family, given to great circumspection, so I will now go into hyper-watchfulness.  Sooner or later, my vigilance will pay off.  It always does.

See this -

It's not a great image and I apologize.  Santa forgot to bring me that Nikon that I yearn for.  This is the button band of a sweater that I cannot seem to finish.  These bands are slow going tortuous things.  But they will enhance the sweater so very much that I know I HAVE to go forward, no matter how many hours are required.
It's coming along nicely - I LOVE the picot edges.  There's just a wishful part of me that keeps hoping the knitting fairies will come in the night and finish those bands!  Does anyone else out there suffer from this malady?  Here's another view -
You can see that my guard dogs are at the ready - just in case someone tries to break into my sewing room and steal the snacks fabric.  I used to think that they liked hanging out with me, but it's probably the snacks.  I had the use of a wonderful flat screen TV for the year that Hilary was away, but we had to take it over to her this morning for the new digs.  I'm hating life without that TV.  It kept good company and I loved the NatGeo station.  And those House reruns.  Oh well.

Scott's cousin wants to learn how to make mittens, so I am starting her out with this very basic pattern.  I've instructed her NOT to look at Ravelry until she finishes the first mitt.  Once she sees the Fiddlehead mittens that I covet, she'll want help with those too.  Remember that earlier theme - 'never enough time for knitting'?  Teaching doesn't count because you don't get to work on your OWN stuff!!!!


Bea said...

Yeah...the diaper thing? hmmm...

I like the sweater. So very pretty. Soon it will be done so keep at those button bands!

Paulina said...

I love the sweater. It is wonderful. I have been diligently working on an embroidery and have had no time for knitting. Are the buttonholes hidden in the cables? I can't tell.