Sunday, January 3, 2010


'Follow your desire while you live.

Place myrrh upon your head,
Clothe yourself in fine linen,
Anointed with real wonders
of God's own stores.

Increase your beauty,
And let not your mind tire
Follow your desire and what is good :
Acquire your possessions on earth.'

My dearest friend is following her bliss and going back for her doctorate - I am so glad for her.  2010 is going to be HER year - my dear Lally - can you hear me?  Lally, your spirit does not age.  Rather, it gets better with age!  I carry you around with me as I have from our beginnings.  You laugh at my ridiculous moments and grieve over my losses. You share my adventures.  You give me hope.  We live so far apart, but are never apart.  Now, it is YOUR turn to take us into the wild blue yonder, that's me, riding on your shoulder.   Talk to me  about a Mayan pyramid in the Yucatan.  Tell me about what gets in the way of our knowing ourselves ... remind me of the courage we all possess that strengthens and doubles when we go out on our native limb. 

 Congratulations - can't WAIT to call you DR.

What did I do today?  Well, I have to admit, I've been fussing.  I'm on overload at work and feeling remorseful about the time I DON'T spend at my father's nursing facility.  It snowed all day long and I was housebound with these feelings SOOOO ... I did what any good fiber addict would do:  I rummaged around for awhile ...

and then pressed a few things -

moving right along ...

See, this is an interesting project because it could be for any number of people!  Thank you dear Wanda, for getting me started on this 'H' quilt.  Could it be for Hilary?  Hadley?  Hack?  Horton?  Hermonine? (I made that one up)  Well, it has grown very quickly today, thanks to Wanda's good instructions - each cut provides for two blocks.  I feel as though I am creating two quilts at one time, with very little leftover.  (what do you do with your scraps?)

Can-Do-Guy came upstairs to say that we should hop in his truck and go to the diner -that we needed to shake ourselves out of our lazy at-home day.  I don't know about He-Who-Spent-the-Day-on-the-Sofa, but I accomplished quite a lot!   I wasn't really enthusiastic about stopping, but I did.  I was hankering after food that I did not have to prepare myself - something easy and light - a swiss and spinach omelet?

This is so much fun - I have a wicked big stash that I rarely visit and now, finally, I am digging in with a recklessness that is contagious.  Very little planning here - Big Fun.  


Bea said...

I love just digging in. So much fun to just go for it. I'm attempting to rebuild my scrap bucket after using so much of it in my lastest (not finished yet) quilt. But I do have a bucket, its just mostly empty at the moment. So that means I need to dig into the non-scrap fabrics and make myself new scraps. I'm really looking forward to that this year.

Exuberant Color said...

You are really making progress on this quilt. I love it! I love the block on your cutting mat. Now you have me inspired to make one out of non-Kaffe fabrics.

Cathi said...

Love it! Those H bloks are fantastic!

Sharon said...

Love your H blocks, how fun. I came over via Wanda's blog. Thanks for sharing your version of the H quilt,

imquilternity said...

It's bright and colorful! Wanda is terrific inspiration, isn't she? I sure wish I had her energy!!

Jean said...

Love these H blocks...great job!

LC said...

Nice choices for your H blocks. I love the breezy writing in your blog too!

Fabric Fanatic said...

These are terrific! Would you be willing to share the measurements for each part of the block? My cousins are all Hendricks and I think I might want to make at least one of these quilts.